Clinical Homeopathic Practice

It is practically impossible to list or group all diseases where homeopathy is effective, it is important to be practiced by a qualified specialist in the field, who is able to assess its capabilities in the particular case. When clinical need justifies it is neither inconsistent nor heretical to combine homeopathy with allopathic treatment. These two therapeutic practices are fully compliant: homeopathic medicine remains active when combined with such allopathic and vice versa  Homeopathic doctor has at his disposal the possibilities of homeopathy, but also of allopathy and can when is appropriate, to choose one or the other, or to apply them simultaneously. For example, in severe bacterial infections, antibiotics are essential and their use is completely justifiable. Also in case of acute migraine homeopathic treatment might be very well combined with the methods of conventional therapy to control the onset and reduce pain.

Already in the fourth century BC Hippocrates prophetic bequeathed to us the unity of the two methods: “In the treatment of a single patient successfully can be co-administered drugs some of which have symptoms similar to the disease, while others are opposite to it!”

The Homeopath is before all a DOCTOR! In his professional skills and his human conscience lies the ability to skillfully handle the two treatment methods. And to use them with maximum benefit to the patient, while not forgetting the basic principle of medicine – “Primum nonnocere!”

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