Homeopathic medicines lack any harmful side effects, which is very important advantage. Moreover – they act as modulators of specific functions in the diseased organism – i.e. towards genetically determined immunological response, namely that it was and is the center of attention and desire of every qualified doctor. Homeopathic medicine works by amount (dose), and through Quality composition – so when it does occur processes of accumulation (cumulative), habituation or sensitization (Allergic). These qualities make it almost the “ideal” drug. This is particularly important in today’s world, where stress is unavoidable and many factors influence on us even intrauterine and to our unique self-defense system based on the principle “done and pre-determined” called immunity. With rampant urbanization and cosmopolitanism cyber society, we fiercely and rapidly destroy more or less the ties of Homo sapiens with the primary sources of nature.
All this makes Homeopathy particularly topical issue of the role, effectiveness and capabilities of the homeopathic treatment method – the method of “soft” medicine, natural, friendly and personal.

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