Homeopathy and Children

In recent years, the number of pediatricians who prescribe homeopathic medicines has increased significantly. The lack of risk and side effects, combined with the ability to quickly and effectively treat many acute, recurrent and chronic diseases, makes homeopathy particularly suitable method for treating young patients. Here are several reasons why:

• Children respond well to homeopathic remedies;

• Treatment is not toxic: in this sense, there is no need to call the emergency services in case that a child swallows the entire Contents of the package;

• Homeopathic treatment is not addictive;

• Homeopathic treatment not only takes into account the natural defenses of the body, but also and optimizes them. And that makes it an excellent method of prevention of many diseases;

• Homeopathic treatment is cheaper than allopathic.

The only difficulty is the medicine. It’s not easy to get a baby to hold pellets under its tongue until it melts. What can you do in this case – there are several options, the to choose from:

• In newborns and infants, the granules dissolve in a pacifier with little water (not milk or juice!). Before taking the medicine it would be good to shake the pacifier.

• The granules are crushed between two spoons “coarse particulate matter” and after that the medicine is poured into the child’s mouth or give one by one, to suck;

• After 1-3rd year, the intake of pellets is done as adults – sublingual.


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