Why to study clinical homeopathy?

Homeopathy is used worldwide and homeopathic method of treatment according to the WHO is one of the five most widely used medical methods.

  1.   Over 22% of the population (over 100 million) in Europe resorted to homeopathic treatment.
  2.   Patients looking for more reliable and environmentally friendly methods of treatment.
  3.   Homeopathy has several advantages:
  •  Used clinically for more than 200 years
  • Safe, non-toxic and without side effects
  • Compatible with all other therapies

Homeopathy is an alternative and complementary method in medicine, enriching the therapeutic arsenal of the doctor – clinician. Moreover, it provides us with a constructive analytic model of reasoning as the disease process and the patient as a personality. Knowledge of methods and homeopathic medicines by doctors and pharmacists is required for effective cooperation physician – pharmacist in the name and for the benefit of the patient!

If you are interested in training in Clinical Homeopathy, which CEPH offers, please visit the “For doctors and pharmacists’


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