As followers of CEDH,  we aim to provide to physicians and pharmacists the latest and most reliable knowledge of clinical homeopathy, applying a clear, pragmatic and clinical approach. Our courses are compliant with European standards for education in Homeopathy and practically oriented. In the process of teaching we will provide you practices with authorized doctors – homeopaths in the country.

The CEPH training programs are based on the most reliable data of modern scientific knowledge, as well as the data available from the latest clinical observations.

The CEPH endeavors to let any trainee, regardless of his or her experience or level of competence, to find a way to discover or rediscover by themselves, to learn or revise, to ask questions or answer these questions themselves, and to reinforce their knowledge and practice in the course of their continuous vocational qualification.

We offer you an innovative form of education, such as remote e-learning.

Experience the best schools in the world shows that e-learning has the potential to improve the way we teach and learn. It has the following advantages:

  • “Learning anytime, anywhere” during your whole life
  • Improving the quality and flexibility of learning
  • Learning without leaving your personal life and working environment
  • Saving time and resources (eg, transport, accommodation …)
  • Free weekends

We draw your attention to such innovative and unique initiative to Bulgaria for training in homeopathy, and we are convinced that our center will contribute to the qualification of Bulgarian physicians and pharmacists, and with the opportunities of new information and communication technologies.

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