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Dear colleagues,

Thank you for your interest in courses in homeopathy offered by the Center for Education and Practicing  Homeopathy – CEPH!

We are trained in the programs of  CEDH   - the flagship of Clinical Homeopathy in the world. We respect and share their values and ideas. We believe that we are their natural successor in Bulgaria. That is why the programs we conduct trainings are programs in Clinical Homeopathy.

In these programs each year more than 3,000 medical professionals are trained in more than 20 countries around the world, such as France, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Brazil, Taiwan, USA and others. Our teaching team includes doctors with extensive clinical experience in homeopathy, trained to teach the methods of CEDH and to use the latest teaching training programs.

In accordance with the main values of the training offered by CEPH, we offer to pharmacist the possibility to expand and enrich their knowledge of finding an efficient pharmacology. This knowledge will be useful in their daily practice and collaboration and will help the physician-pharmacist-patient relationship to be successful.

For this school year, we offer an innovative and time-saving tools and forms of education, such as remote e-learning. The seminars will be held online, live, once a week, lasting three academic hours from 18 to 20 pm. The presentations will be on PowerPoint and will be lectured by qualified and accredited speakers – Homeopathic doctors with extensive clinical experience. This modern form of training is a valuable opportunity for interactive communication among all participants, regardless of where they are in the moment.

To participate in the course, from the technical side, the things will need are a computer with speakers / headphones, email and internet connection.

Workload of the main two-year course in clinical homeopathy is 162 academic hours (54 online seminars), equally divided over the two years – 81 hours each. So for each academic year you will have 27 workshops of 3 academic hours each. Program of the course for the years can be seen here.

After successful completion of the course you will receive:

Certificate in Homeopathy from Centre for Education and Practicing Homeopathy, as well as an International diploma from CEDH.

The new 2012/2013 session of CEPH began successfully on 29th November 2012 with our lectures for the second year.

The first-year course of our biennial basic program will begin on 23th January 2013.

To sign in the course, please “Contact us” or visit “Training request”

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