Dear Colleagues,

We have the pleasure and responsibility to be the only authorized  representative of CEDH for Bulgaria and we own the exclusive right to teach Clinical Homeopathy , based on CEDH programs.

Every year more than 3000 Medical specialist  sign for these programs in near 20 countries around the world, such as France, Spain, Portugal, Czech, Brazil, Taiwan, USA and others. In Bulgaria during the years more than 1600 doctors and 800 pharmacists have went trough this programs. Our lecturers are doctors with years-long experience in homeopathy, who have went trough the teaching methodology  of CEDH and use the latest pedagogical systems.

As followers of CEDH,  we aim to provide to physicians and pharmacists the latest and most reliable knowledge of clinical homeopathy, applying a clear, pragmatic and clinical approach. Our courses are based on CEDH’s  programs, in accordance with European standards for education in Homeopathy and practically oriented. In the process of teaching we will provide you several practices with authorized doctors – homeopaths in the country.


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